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Prepare for Class

Aerial dance can be a supportive yet challenging activity for those looking to expand their movement practices. Aerial dance also carries risks. Satellite Dance and our studio partner, Hermitage Dance Academy, regularly consult with the aerial community, suppliers, and structural engineers to ensure our programs comply with industry standards to provide the safest environment possible for this unique art form.


Before starting your aerial practice, please review the following:

  • We require participants to complete a waiver every calendar year. You can review and sign HERE if you haven't completed a waiver in 2023.

  • To avoid silk burn, high-cut t-shirts and leggings are required for youth classes and recommended for adults new to the practice.

  • Remove jewelry and/or clothing with sharp edges and zippers. Exercise devices are not allowed.

  • We share apparatuses – please practice good hygiene and wear fresh clothes to class.

  • Refrain from applying lotions 90 minutes before class.

  • We recommend not eating large meals ~90 minutes before class. If you're prone to motion sickness, we recommend bringing ginger candy, non-drowsy Dramamine, or behind-the-ear patches.

  • Grip assistance (sprays, rosin, etc.) is always welcome!


Aerial practice is sometimes not recommended for spine injuries, ongoing illnesses, vertigo, sensitivity to motion sickness, heart problems, history of stroke, and pregnancy. If you’re unsure if you or your student can participate, please consult your doctor.

If you or your loved one is interested in aerial but might require additional assistance in class, please don't hesitate to contact us to develop a plan for collaboration. While some of our instructors have lived experience with neurodiversity, chronic illness, and disability, we recognize we are not experts; every person is different, and we need to partner with the student and their support team(s) to provide a safe experience.

Class Agreement

(and rehearsals, too!)

While we are responsive and collaborative to the needs of each class experience, below are universal (yet ever-evolving) tenants that aim to foster safety, collaboration, and fun in our programs!

Aerial. Dance. Our ceilings are relatively low; therefore, no aerial drops are allowed. With dance as an element of our aerial practice, we sometimes utilize the hardness of the Marley floor, but we will always have thick yoga mats, gymnastics mats, or a crash mat available for your discerned use. 

Adaptable. We all arrive to class with different life and movement experiences. While our classes aim to challenge your comfort zone and foster learning and growth, safety is paramount. We will provide options for modifications, advancements, and the opportunity to opt out of any activity. (Quiet observation 100% counts as participation!) If you need more options during class, please ask the instructor immediately. 

Shared. Whether it's a phone or a notebook, we encourage capturing and collaborating on progress and ideas. If filming, please be courteous to the instructor and other participants in the room; keep your phone a safe distance, ask permission before filming others, and if capturing choreography, credit the instructor when sharing on social media.

With Care. We are a community that promotes kindness and respect between the instructor and participants and participants with each other. We believe in continued education to learn and relearn how to make everyone in the room feel as cared for as possible. We will assume everyone arrives to class with good intentions; however, language disrespecting a person's lived experience, body, race, gender identity, age, or sexual orientation is unacceptable. 


Satellite Dance is a small organization with limited time and resources. While we aim to provide as much value as possible to everyone we work with, we won't be everything for everyone! Below is an active list of additional resources for continued education. Please contact us if you have a resource recommendation or are looking for a different type of training in the Nashville area. 

The Circus Doc

Born to Fly Curriculum
The Dance Scientist

Hall Rigging Academy

American Circus Educators Association

A Space for Discussion

Is there something you need us to know ahead of class? Does a loved one need special accommodations? Did you enjoy your time with us? Is there something we can improve upon? Please send us a message and let's start a constructive conversation.

Thanks for submitting!

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