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Full Moon

Our Work

Recent and ongoing performances.

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Carina Nebula

In partnership with the Tennessee Arts Commission and inspired by the recent findings from the James Webb Space Telescope, we brought together artists in various stages of their development. From stellar nurseries to individual stars, we amplified the work of over twenty youth, community, and professional dancers from Nashville and beyond.


November 12 at Hermitage Dance Academy



Satellite Dance performed for RE | Dance Group's annual performance at Links Hall in Chicago, IL. We premiered a new work by Sarah Atenhan (in collaboration with the cast) titled nonlinear – a dance about the struggles of growth within an individual and their community.

Premiered December 1 at Links Hall, Chicago, IL




Satellite dancers Kellie McDaniel and Jennie Hopper performed at Lackeypalooza in historic East Nashville.


September 25, 2022



Making IT

Celebrated musician, songwriter, and journalist Lindsay Ellyn led a discussion with Sarah Atenhan unpacking the creative process and redefining what 'making it' looks like. We also enjoyed musical performances with aerial dance featuring members of Satellite Dance.

September 10, 2022 at Eleven Willow/Arc Studios



By Nature

In 2020, we couldn't perform live, so we adapted our process and engaged a talented team of videographers, dancers, and choreographers to create a timeless dream ballet honoring the world we orbit. 

Premiered December 1, 2020


The Fabric of Space and Time

This book shares the stories of 24 artists, represented through the singular vision of photographer and dancer, Michelle Reid. Their insights, vulnerability, and artistic expression channel the resilience we all have within ourselves during a time of disruption.

Published July, 2021

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Phoenix Ball

We were honored and delighted to have performed during the prestigious Phoenix Ball hosted by Cumberland University.

June 4, 2022


Winter Festival

Satellite Dance celebrated the winter season with a performance and holiday party. Proceeds from the show went towards funding the 2022 season.

December 13, 2021



Kindling Arts Festival

Goldwing'd Messengers (an excerpt)
Choreography by Sarah Atenhan and the Cast
Cast: Lena Mazel, Kellie McDaniel, Kylene Valoris, and
Jennie Hopper

Premiered July 30, 2022 at Nashville School for the Aerial Arts

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