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Teacher Training

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Nashville, TN

Aerial Sling 
Level One Teacher Training
Fitness. Yoga. Dance.

Our 30-hour* introductory training program will deepen your understanding of aerial and prepare you to teach successfully. By integrating three Sling disciplines with your existing knowledge, you’ll provide your students with a class experience that is supportive, creative, and challenging.

This Teacher Training is for Movement Professionals with

  • basic knowledge of pedagogy, anatomy, and class structure.

  • a desire to expand their movement practice.

  • a passion for creative class planning.

  • an interest in a collaborative environment.

Teachers will walk away with

  • tools to safely teach Introductory Aerial Fitness, Yoga, and Dance with the Aerial Sling.

  • techniques to teach across ages and ability levels.

  • cueing and music best practices.

  • resources for continuing education.

  • a community fostering support and knowledge sharing.

*Certification of completion is issued upon completion of the 3-day training (24 hours), independent study (4 hours), open-book test (1 hour), and teaching practical (1 hour).

Training Includes 3-day training, a 50+ page manual, free practice time, a 5-class pass, and access to discount continuing education courses through Satellite Dance.

  • $1,000

  • $800 (Early Bird Special!)


Terms & Conditions

  • Application and a $200 non-refundable deposit are required. Notification of acceptance will be made within 48 hours. 

  • The remaining balance is due five days before the training weekend.

  • Attendees must attend all three training days to qualify for the exams

  • If the attendee cancels within five days, Satellite Dance will refund approximately 100% of the balance minus credit card fees and printing expenses.

  • If the attendee cancels or fails to attend a training day, Satellite Dance will refund approximately 33% of the balance minus credit card fees and printing expenses. 

  • If the attendee cancels or fails to attend two training days, Satellite Dance will refund approximately 66% of the balance minus credit card fees and printing expenses.

  • Alternatively, missed training days can be credited for future training weekends.

  • Cancellations or credit requests must be written and emailed to

  • Satellite Dance has a strict participation policy. Anyone who fails to comply with the policy after warnings will not be allowed to continue teacher training and will forfeit their payment. You can read about our policy HERE.

Teaching Philosophy

  • Aerial. Fitness. Yoga. Dance. We treat all formats equally and honor their origins.

  • Adaptable. We teach with modifications first, followed by the skill or exercise, and then advancement options. The option of opting out is always available.

  • Shared. We invite students and instructors to engage with our community beyond classes.

  • With Care. We honor the instructor and student’s unique history, needs, and goals.

Sample Schedule

Friday (9:00 – 5:00 P.M.) 

Focus of the Day: Aerial Fitness

  • Introductions & Class Agreement

  • Aerial Fitness Class

  • Break

  • Aerial Fitness Class Format Analysis

  • Break

  • Lecture 1: Introduction, Cueing, and Accommodations

  • Mini Class Workshop Pt. 1

  • Break

  • Mini Class Workshop Pt. 2

  • Lecture 2: Safety, Music, and Resources


Where is the training? Training will be held at our host studio, Hermitage Dance Academy (youth programs), also home to the adult fitness center, Amped Fitness – located 15 minutes east of downtown Nashville, TN. You can find us HERE.


Why should I attend teacher training? There are so many reasons, especially your own! But here are some to consider:

  • If you're an aerial enthusiast, attending training will deepen your knowledge and connection with the Sling, giving you more information to inform your aerial practice.

  • If you're an instructor, aerial or other, this teacher training will provide you with not one but THREE class formats to teach comfortably. Introduce these formats to your home studio, or you'll be equipped with offerings to start your own studio or training center.

  • If you're looking to get a job teaching aerial, most studios require you to complete teacher training. 

What makes this teacher training different from the others? A few things make us different (and special)!

  • We take a holistic approach to the Sling. You'll leave the training with an introductory knowledge of three formats: Fitness, Yoga, and Dance.

  • We introduce teaching techniques for a range of ages and abilities. Only teach one age group? No problem. Prefer working with advanced students? Great! However, understanding the differences across various groups will empower you to be a more effective, safe, and empathetic teacher.

  • We take a creative approach to the Sling. Take these three formats, plus your expertise and mix. 

  • We won't teach you to teach like us. We'll help you teach like the best version of you.

How long are the training days? Each day is 8 hours long with three breaks. After the training weekend, we'll have subsequent 'open gym' times for you to practice independently. If you'd like to receive a certificate of completion, you'll take an open-book written exam and teach a class to your guests.

Will I have to exercise the whole time? Absolutely not! While we have a morning class, most of the day will consist of discussions, lectures, and finding your teaching voice. 

Why are we focusing on Fitness, Yoga, and Dance in the Sling?  Satellite Dance believes in an integrative approach, i.e., each format is precious and beneficial – one can focus their practice solely on one form or have one form inform the other(s).

That feels like a lot? It is. Remember that this is an introductory program, and we'll provide you with ample continuing education resources, opportunities, and a community to support your teacher journey after the training.

Who is facilitating the training? Our founder, Sarah Atenhan (she/they)Sarah has a degree in Psychology, certifications in all the formats (and beyond!), fifteen years of teaching, and has executed several Sling teacher training weekends. You can read more about Sarah HERE.

I'm a fitness professional. Will I get any formal continuing education credits? Our NASM Continuing Education Provider application is in progress.

How does pricing work? We require a $200 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot (we keep class sizes low, so spots are very limited). Balance is due 48 hours before the start of training. Please let us know if you would like to negotiate a payment plan.


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